Corner Brook is the regional centre for business activity in Western Newfoundland.  The port has been a shipping destination for over 100 years, providing year round access for vessels such as paper carriers and container ships.

Inbound and outbound ocean freight is handled in two ways in Corner Brook: utilizing private wharves (including those owned and operated by Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited, Barry's Seafood's Inc., Ultramar, Irving Oil and Imperial Oil) and using the Corner Brook Port Corporation's dock, a facility often referred to locally as Seal Head.  This berth was owned and operated by Transport Canada prior to November 2004 at which time ownership and management of the the berth and adjacent facilities was transferred to Corner Brook Port Corporation.

The port has a large, multi-use dock that is capable of berthing a range of vessels
including: oil tankers, fishing vessels, ferries, coast guard ships, cruise ships and barges.  Corner Brook Port is able to service passenger/commercial ferry traffic and was the island port of call for the Labrador ferry Sir Robert Bond from Blanc Sablon, Quebec during the winter from 2010 - 2014.  Cruise ships typically call on Corner Brook during the summer and fall while numerous other vessels utilize the port facilities throughout the year.

The continued development of the Trans-Labrador Highway, oil and gas industry development and advancement of industrial projects in Newfoundland and Labrador all provide opportunities for year-round shipping in the short to medium term.

Corner Brook Port Corporation is a community-based and controlled organization responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Port of Corner Brook.  As a non-profit entity, any profits from the operation are re-invested back into infrastructure and facilities.  The Corporation is committed to expanding shipping opportunities for the region, where viable, as well as pursuing projects which have the potential to generate economic activity for Western Newfoundland. 










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