Ocean freight in Corner Brook is handled in two ways - over private wharves (e.g. Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited, Barry's Seafood's Inc., Ultramar, Irving oil, Imperial Oil, etc.)  and what was previously the public wharf - the Transport Canada facility at what is known locally as Seal Head.

In recent years, there have been significant increases in freight traffic through Corner Brook from the Northern peninsula and Southern Labrador.  The export of fish products is moving more-and-more into refrigerated containers - which can be shipped out of Corner Brook directly to the customers elsewhere in North America, and overseas.  The Trans-Labrador Highway continues to be developed, it is very likely that the level of ocean shipping trade will increase even further in the short to medium term future.  Corner Brook is the first major year-round shipping port on the routing from North to South in Eastern North America.



Corner Brook is the regional centre for business activity in Western Newfoundland.

The port has been a major shipping destination for over a hundred years and provides year round access for paper carriers and container ships.

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